Our Story


Established in the summer of 2006, Dadaal for Development (D4D) is a Canadian-based Non-Profit Humanitarian Relief Organization dedicated to improving the social welfare and healthcare of people in Somalia by partnering with and providing support to, local and international aid efforts.

Dadaalaa-na wuu gaadhaa!

{He/she who strives, arrives (at their goal)}

At its core, Dadaal for Development is a platform for raising awareness and a call to collective action. Our organizational philosophy and approach are encapsulated in the Somali term Dadaal, which defines a particular type of effort; one grounded in perseverance and imbued with a strong sense of hope and opportunity.

Sustainability and Collaboration are the two cornerstones of our this approach and at the heart of every-thing we do here at D4D, as both are paramount in helping create long-term solutions to the persistent and ardu-ous challenges of everyday life in Somalia, one of the world’s poorest countries.

D4D is an apolitical organization; our only aim is to provide humanitarian aid and relief to all Somalis, on a non-discriminatory basis and without regard to differences in tribal, political and/or religious affiliation. On an organizational level, we do not endorse or advocate on behalf of any of the various governments or factions oper-ating in Somalia and our only partnerships are with other non-governmental organizations in the country. Any dif-ferentiation between regions in Somalia or specific references to Somaliland on our website and other official communications are not to be interpreted as a political statement but rather as a reflection of the current state of affairs in the country.

Somalia and its people face one of the world’s most dire humanitarian situations: drought, famine, extreme pov-erty and lack of access to healthcare are all prevalent and exacerbated by insecurity and the lack of a functioning government in many parts of the country. This lack of safety severely impedes relief efforts by making many parts of the country inaccessible to aid workers and limiting the movement of vital food and medical supplies into and around Somalia.

Our aim is to raise awareness of these issues in Canada, while working closely with non-governmental organizations operating in Somalia at the grass-roots level, to better provide immediate and effective relief. In the long term, we hope to foster co-operation and establish connections between local efforts and major national and international aid and development agencies.

Founded with the powerfully simple idea for an annual eye-glass drive, D4D has continued to broaden its horizons by expanding our mission statement to include the provision of complete health-care solutions to the needy through partnerships, health-care capacity building and awareness events. The organization strives to further extend its reach in the years to come.
Starting in 2006, we established a network of eye-glass drop-off locations across the Greater Toronto Area. Since then we have continued to expand that network and have successfully completed two Eye-glass Drives, yielding a total of 500 pairs of used and new eye-glasses which were donated to Manhal Hospital in Somaliland and distributed free-of-cost to beneficiaries requiring vision correction. In 2008, D4D became a federally recognized Non-Profit Organization in Canada.