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The devastating impact of the drought isn’t over. All proceeds from every
drink sold will help rebuild lives in the Horn of Africa.

Find us at RIS Convention, Dec 20th-22nd

Somalia and the drought
  • Worst humanitarian crisis since 1945
  • 6.2M required emergency assistance
  • 1.2M children acutely malnourished
  • 1.5M internally displaced people
  • 25M+ livestock perished
  • 3rd drought in 25 years
  • 4 consecutive poor rainy seasons
Somalia and the drought
Livestock Restocking

The crippling drought that plagued Somalia in 2017 resulted in the death of over 75% of the nation’s livestock. The most affected were pastoralists and herders in the rural areas that rely on livestock for income generation (hides, skins, farming) and sustenance (milk, meat). Since the drought, many of these people have been displaced to camps where they rely exclusively on aid to survive.

To support these families in beginning a new life and becoming self-sufficient, D4D aims to supply 25 families with up to 10 animals purchased locally from neighboring areas.

D4D has setup a crowdfunding page through gofundme(hyperlink). D4D will also be holding fundraising events to help reach our goal:

  • Shake the Drought
    • MuslimFest
    • Reviving the Islamic Spirit
  • 2nd Quarter 2019, Toronto (TBD)

D4D will be on the ground working with families to acquire livestock from local suppliers. Beneficiaries will be selected based on a number of criteria including but not limited to; being from drought affected areas, former herders/pastoralists, loss of livestock, belonging to a permanent settlement, etc.

Restocking beneficiaries will be provided with a monthly stipend (6 months) to support their immediate needs while tending to their herd (to mitigate risk of poorer families selling newly acquired livestock).

D4D will partner with local organizations to implement water projects such as rehabilitation of wells and construction of sand dams in drought affected communities.

By targeting families from permanent settlements, D4D will be able to return to these communities after 1 year to:

  • Determine effectiveness of initiative
  • Meet with families to see if their lives have changed
  • Document what worked and what didn’t
  • Share the results with our supporters
  • Identify next steps

of your donations will go towards livestock, water and aid projects.
D4D relies on volunteers private donors to cover operating costs.

We commit to always use 100% of thudent and public donations to fund clean water projects

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Shake the Drought

Reviving the Islamic Spirit

Dec 20th – Dec 22nd

Metro Toronto Convention Centre
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Shake the Drought

Muslim Fest

August 31 – Sep 2

Mississauga Celebration Square

$3200 Raised
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